What We Offer

Through our extensive inventory, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and frequent deliveries from our network of suppliers we are committed to fast and accurate supply of your material.

Hot-Rolled heavy steel shapes used in the Primary Frame of a building as load bearing members

Cold-Rolled Light-Gauge steel shapes used in the Secondary Frame of a building as stabilizing members that prevent the primary frame from twisting out of shape. Also provides something to attach roof and wall panels.

Alloy Steel formed into various profiles to be used for Roofing and Siding

Carbon or Alloy Steel - Multiple types specifically designed for attaching metal panel to wood frame, metal panel to metal frame, and metal panel to metal panel

Alloy Steel formed into various profiles that both visually improve the aesthetic of the building and functionally improve the buildings ability to weather elements

Fiberglass with Vapor Barrier batts installed between Frame and Panels to stabilize the interior temperature and prevent moisture condensation

Fiberglass window installed in the ceiling to provide overhead natural light

Used to prevent water from passing into a structure through a joint, or other susceptible point, and to insulate any kind of pipe.

Provides an effective barrier against water, moisture, dust and dirt.

Used to seal bottom of panels and under ridge cap to prevent moisture from entering building​

Standard swinging entry door. Swings out.

Large overhead doors that roll up at top of opening. Usually used as doors for large equipment or garage doors.

Available in multiple sizes and options

Custom designed and fabricated building kits tailored to your specifications. Engineered and comes with Anchor Bolt Plan and Erection Drawings. Kits from our Strong Homes line designed to help you with the shell of your Home/Barndo. Different floor plans are being added to line.

Anchor bolts are set in the concrete for the purpose of attaching the steel structure to the slab


Stock rebar, poly, tie wire, and chairs for forming concrete slab