Victoria Metal Supply offers a full line of exceptional quality products for the Metal Roofing and Building Trade for a variety of Commercial, Agricultural, and Residential Applications.

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Golden Crescent Construction


VICTORIA METAL SUPPLY is your one-stop source for your next metal building or roofing project. From METAL roofing and metal building components & accessories, to BOLT-UP AND WELD-UP METAL BUILDING KITS we make it our business to have a wide range of products that will suit your building needs. Through our extensive inventory, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and frequent deliveries from our network of suppliers we are committed to fast and accurate supply of your material.


“Made to Order”

VMS buildings are fully customizable for a full range of Residential, Commercial, or Agricultural building applications. Through the integration of our state-of-the-art pre-engineered building design software and in-house manufacturing we are able to provide you with a building kit completely tailored to your specifications.  Call or come by today for a free building quote!


“Time is Money”

Custom made-to-length panels and trim (usually available in 24 hours or less) along with a wide range of in-stock accessories can reduce the down time and material waste on your metal building or roofing project and increase your bottom line.  We form, bend, cut, punch, weld, bolt, fab, stock all kinds of metal so you can have what you need…when you need it!



“Build it Better”

Quality material with the longest warranties at the best prices is one of the ways we can help you build it better…FOR LESS!



What's new.... VMS now offers custom precision-cut flat metal ranging from simple shapes such as clips or plates for your construction project to intricate decorative metal art for your home